Vibrant handmade shaker card featuring Spring Bike Ride digital stamp. The card is viewed from the top, showing the entire design with focus on the shaker window filled with butterfly sequins and white round shaker elements.

Create a vibrant handmade shaker card with Spring Bike Ride for a happy birthday

Every birthday is a special occasion that brings joy to our hearts. Whether it’s the excitement of unwrapping presents or the warm messages from loved ones, birthdays hold a unique place in our lives. And what could be better than celebrating these special moments with a handmade shaker card filled with love and creativity?

Imagine receiving a beautifully crafted card, adorned with intricate designs and heartfelt sentiments. It’s a moment of pure delight, knowing someone has taken the time and care to create something special for you.

Today, we’re excited to create a special handmade shaker card featuring the Spring Bike Ride digital stamp for the new challenge that started on Penny’s Paper-Crafty Challenge blog.

But that’s not all! Let’s take a moment to express our gratitude to the sponsors of this challenge: All Dressed Up Stamps and Sheepski Designs. Their unwavering support and dedication to creativity make this all possible, and we’re thrilled to have them by our side.

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So, to all the card makers eager to learn, explore, and create, welcome to a world of endless possibilities. Every card is a canvas, and every creation is a masterpiece.

Let’s dive in together and create something truly magical.

Table Of Contents
  1. Discover the Whimsical Charm of the Spring Bike Ride Digital Stamp
  2. Gather Your Supplies: What You'll Need to make a shaker card
  3. Learn how to make your Vibrant Handmade Shaker Card
  4. Let’s Get Creative Together
  5. Products used for this handmade shaker card
  6. I would like to enter my card in the following challenges

Discover the Whimsical Charm of the Spring Bike Ride Digital Stamp

a Digital stamp boy riding a bicycle from All Dressed Up Stamps

The Spring Bike Ride digital stamp by All Dressed Up Stamps is a beautiful and charming illustration that captures the essence of carefree childhood adventures. It features a young boy happily pedalling his bicycle, accompanied by his faithful canine friend, against a backdrop of grass and sunny skies. The scene is perfect for evoking feelings of nostalgia and innocence, making it an ideal centrepiece for various types of cards.

Suitable Occasions and Themes

The stamp is suitable for many occasions and themes. You can use it to craft a birthday card for your loved one, where the youthful energy of the boy on the bike symbolizes the joy of the occasion. Alternatively, you can use this charming illustration to create cheerful spring-themed greetings, welcoming the season with open arms.

How to Get the Spring Bike Ride Digital Stamp

Are you interested in using the Spring Bike Ride digital stamp for your creative projects? Follow the link below to download this charming illustration and start the tutorial to bring your visions to life. The tutorial will guide you through each step of the process with ease.

Gather Your Supplies: What You’ll Need to make a shaker card

Before we start creating our vibrant handmade shaker card, let’s make sure that we have all the necessary materials and tools. Below is a list of items you’ll need to bring your project to life, along with some alternative options in case you don’t have access to specific items.


  • Digital Stamp (Spring Bike Ride): Choose a digital stamp featuring an illustration you like. Alternatively, you can use rubber or clear stamps for a similar effect.
  • Stencil (Slimline Sunbeams): A stencil with a sunny or nature-inspired design will work well. You can experiment with different patterns and textures. If you have a sunbeam stencil, you can use that or you can create a sky with clouds.
  • Alphabet die:  If you don’t have a specific alphabet die set, you can use pre-cut letters or stickers for your sentiments.
  • Shaped die: I used a die in the shape of a circle with a straight bottom. But you can use any shape as a window for your shaker card.
  • Inks (Distress Ink – Mustard Seed and Mowed Lawn, Moment Tuxedo Black Ink): You can use different inks to achieve the desired effect. Watercolour paints or markers can also be used for colouring.
  • Black cardstock: You can use black paper to punch out the letters.
  • DCP paper: You can use DCP paper to print your digital stamp.
  • Blue Card Base: You can use any colour paper for your card base.
  • Shaker Elements (Butterfly and White Round Shaker Elements): You can explore your craft stash for beads, sequins, or confetti to use as shaker elements. You can get creative with your choices!
  • Adhesive (Double-Sided Tape, Foam Tape): Double-sided tape, glue dots, or liquid adhesive will all work well for assembling your card layers.
  • Embellishments (Blue Adhesive Pearls): Use any decorative elements on hand to add flair to your design.
  • Clear Sheets (Acetate Sheet): If you don’t have acetate sheets, consider repurposing plastic packaging or transparency film for your shaker window.
  • Clear Stamps (Sentiment and Banner Clear Stamps): You can use any sentiment or decorative clear stamps in your collection. Handwritten messages or doodles can also add a personal touch to your card.
  • Colouring medium: You can use alcohol markers to colour the digital stamp. But of course, you can use any colouring medium that you feel comfortable with.


  • Die Cutting Machine: You can use any manual or electronic die-cutting machine to cut out shapes and designs. Alternatively, scissors or craft punches can be used for cutting.
  • Paper Trimmer: You can use a paper trimmer or a craft knife and ruler to cut your cardstock and paper to size.
  • Scissors: You can use a sharp scissor for smaller elements and fussy cutting images.
  • Blending Tools: If you don’t have blending brushes, use makeup sponges or cotton swabs for applying ink. 

Feel free to mix and match materials and tools based on what you have available and what suits your style and preferences. At the bottom of the blog post, I will link the materials I used for this card where possible. Let’s get creative!

Learn how to make your Vibrant Handmade Shaker Card

Get ready to make your handmade shaker card. In this section, I’ll guide you through every stage of the crafting journey, from preparing your materials to applying the finishing touches. So grab your gear, let your imagination run wild and create something magical together!

Step 1: Printing and Colouring the digitals stamp Spring Bike Ride

In this step we will work with the digital stamp Spring bike ride.

Printing the digital stamp

Let’s start by printing and colouring the charming Spring Bike Ride digital stamp. Printing on DCP paper is ideal for this step, especially when using alcohol markers for colouring, as it provides a smooth surface that allows for easy blending and vibrant colours to shine through.

Colouring the digital stamp

Now we are bringing the digital stamp to life with a splash of colour using alcohol markers. Here are the colour combinations I used to infuse the image with personality and charm:

  • Skin: Tanned Skin (260), Peachy Blush (259), Salmon Pink (25), Pale Cream (142).
  • Hair: Pale Cream (142), Brown Grey (104), Walnut (100), Clay (116).
  • Bike, Pants, Striped Shirt, Cap: Baby Blue (144), Midi Sky (190), Dark Sky (191).
  • White Stripes on Shirt: Cool Grey 4 (CG4), Cool Grey 3 (CG3), and Cool Grey 1 (CG1).
  • Backpack, Red Parts of Cap: Cardinal (244), English Red (249), Burgundy (247).
  • Dog: Sand (107), Rose Beige (97), Pale Cream (142), Peachy Blush (259).
  • Tyres: Black (120), Cool Grey 9 (CG9), Cool Grey 8 (CG8), Cool Grey 7 (CG7), and Cool Grey 5 (CG5).

You can bring your digital stamp to life with vibrant hues and intricate details. Start with lighter shades as a base and gradually build up layers of colour for depth and dimension. Experiment with blending techniques to achieve the desired effect and add personal touches to make the image unique.

Once you’ve finished colouring the digital stamp, use your scissors to cut it out. This beautifully coloured illustration will serve as the heart of our vibrant shaker card, adding a touch of whimsy and personality to the final design.

Close-up view of the Spring Bike Ride digital stamp, showcasing the intricate coloring details. The boy on the bike, surrounded by a playful dog, is beautifully colored with alcohol markers, bringing the charming scene to life.

Step 2: Crafting a Scenic Background to Bring Life to Our Shaker Card

Let’s bring our vibrant shaker card to life by creating a charming background that complements the Spring Bike Ride digital stamp. Since the boy on the bike will be positioned in front of the window, we want the background to depict a picturesque landscape through which he rides. The goal is to create a simple yet captivating scene with sunny rays shining down over a lush grass field.

Preparing the background panel

To begin, prepare a panel measuring 10 centimetres by 14.3 centimetres. We’ll divide this panel into two sections: the upper portion for the sunny rays and the lower portion for the grassy field.

Creating the Sunny Rays

Start by envisioning how high you want the grass to be and mark it off with post-it notes. Then, place your stencil on the background and apply the Mustard Seed distress ink using a blending brush to create the sunbeams. Be mindful of the angle and intensity of the rays to achieve the desired effect.

Crafting the Grass Field

Once the sunbeams are in place, it’s time to create the grassy field. Using the Mowed Lawn distress ink, apply it to the lower portion of the panel using the blending brush. Build up layers of colour to add depth and dimension to the grass, blending it seamlessly with the sunbeams above.

With the background complete, you’ve set the stage for our charming handmade shaker card. The vibrant colours and scenic landscape will provide the perfect backdrop for our Spring Bike Ride digital stamp. Now, let’s create the shaker and bring our card to life!

Step 3: Learn how to make a shaker window card and to assemble the card layers

In this step, we will start making our shaker. We create the front and finish it off with our created background panel.

Making the White Panel for the Shaker Card Window

In this step, we will make the white panel for the shaker card window. Firstly, cut a piece of white paper 10 centimetres by 14.3 centimetres. This size adjustment ensures that the panel fits perfectly within the dimensions of our card which measures 10.5 centimetres by 14.8 centimetres

Creating the Shaker Window

Now, we will create the window for the shaker card. Use a stitched die to cut the white paper in a unique shape, rounded at the top and straight at the bottom. This will create a distinctive look. Place the die where the window should be on the white paper and run it through the die-cutting machine. This effortless process results in a neatly cut window.

Adhere a piece of acetate behind the window. Cut the acetate to the same dimensions as the panel (10 centimetres by 14.3 centimetres) to ensure full coverage. Use double-sided tape to secure the acetate in place for a strong bond.

Assembling the Shaker Elements

Next, line the edges of the panel with foam tape. Start by outlining the shape of the window with foam tape, then add strips in the corners for extra stability. Before proceeding, use an anti-static tool to remove static from the acetate, preventing the shaker elements from sticking.

With the foam tape in place, flip the panel over so that the foam tape faces upward. Now, it’s time to add the shaker elements. Use transparent butterfly sequins and white round shaker elements to fill the shaker window. Carefully remove the release tape from the foam tape and attach the background panel to the back of the shaker panel.  

Now that the shaker is ready, it’s time to add the finishing touches to the card front by placing the digital stamp, text, and embellishments. Let’s move on to the next step to complete our vibrant handmade shaker card.

Step 4: Adding Personalized Touches and Placing the Digital Stamp

We have now arrived at the final step. We will now create the design for the front of the card and place it on our base card.

Creating the Sentiments

Let’s start by creating the sentiments “Enjoy the Ride” and “It’s Your Birthday” to add a personal touch to our card.

For “Enjoy the Ride,” I used an alphabet die to cut out small letters. This die set has all the letters of the alphabet so you can customize it however you like. I cut the words “enjoy the ride” from black paper and arranged them around the curved window opening. I positioned “Enjoy” on the left side, “the” on top, and “Ride” on the right side, following the curve of the window.

Next, let’s create “It’s Your Birthday.” I used a banner stamp and inked it with Memento Tuxedo Black ink. Then I used a text stamp to stamp the words “It’s your birthday” inside the banner. After carefully cutting out the banner, I positioned it at the bottom of the window opening to give our card a celebratory feel.

Placing the Digital Stamp

Before finalizing our sentiments and embellishments, let’s place the digital stamp of the boy on the bike on top of the banner. This central element adds a touch of whimsy and personality to our card, serving as a focal point that ties the design together seamlessly.

Creating the Base of the Card

With the sentiments in place and the digital stamp positioned, let’s move on to the card base. I attached the shaker panel carefully to a blue card base, finalizing our vibrant creation. To create the card base, I cut it to size, 10.5 cm by 14.8 cm, and securely attached the shaker panel to the front. This step provides a stable foundation for our handmade masterpiece, ensuring its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Adding Embellishments

To enhance the visual appeal of our card, I decorated it with carefully chosen embellishments. I added a small butterfly, stamping it using a clear stamp set from Lawn Fawn. I coloured the butterfly to match the boy’s pants, creating a cohesive look. Furthermore, I enhanced the card with three blue adhesive pearls, placing two on the left and one on the right for balance and visual interest.

With meticulous attention to detail, our handmade shaker card featuring the Spring Bike Ride digital stamp is ready to bring joy and admiration to its recipient!

Handmade shaker card featuring Spring Bike Ride digital stamp, captured from an overhead angle. The card is positioned diagonally, showcasing the intricate background with sunny rays and lush grass field, along with the central shaker window filled with transparent butterfly sequins and white round shaker elements

Let’s Get Creative Together

As we come to the end of our crafting journey, let’s take a moment to reflect on the vibrant handmade shaker card that we brought to life. From selecting the perfect digital stamp to carefully creating a sunny background and putting together the shaker card, each step was essential in making the card a whole.

Join the Challenge

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Products used for this handmade shaker card

In this section I will try to link as many products as possible that I used in this tutorial. I will make a distinction between products with affiliate links and products without affiliate links, so that this is completely clear to you.

Products used with affiliate links

Spring Bike Ride Digital Stamp from All Dressed Up Stamps

a Digital stamp boy riding a bicycle from All Dressed Up Stamps

Alfabeth typewriter little letters craftemotions

Alfabeth letter stans kleine letters Craft emototions

Distress Ink Mustard seed from Ranger

Distress ink Mowed Lawn by Ranger

Memento Tuxedo Black ink

Picture of the product memento tuxedo black ink

DCP paper Clairefontaine

Picture of a pack of DCP paper from Clairefontaine

Shaker Sequins StudiolightNL

Die-cutting and embossing machine Nellie Snellen

Picture of the die-cutting machin PressBoss Pro from Nellie Snellen

Products used without affiliate links

  • Black cardstock (brand unknown)
  • Blue Card base (brand unknown)
  • Acetate (brand unknown)
  • Foam Tape (brand Unknown)
  • Twin Markers (alcohol markers) from Decotimecrafts
  • Shaped dies from Aveccreative
  • Pearls from Aveccreative
  • Banner Clear Stamp from Craftsensations
  • Scissor ActionNL
  • Sticky Glue ActionNL

I would like to enter my card in the following challenges

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