Handmade horse birthday card featuring a girl riding a horse surrounded by lush greenery and trees, captured from a top-down perspective.

Craft a Stunning 3D Handmade Horse Birthday Card with All Dressed Up Stamps

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Hello Crafty friends. 

 Are you ready for a new creative adventure? Today, we will explore the magic of 3D design and unleash our imaginations with the latest release from All Dressed Up Stamps. In April, Wendy treated us to three delightful new digital stamps: 

Pony Trek Digital Stamps

Potted Plant digital stamp

Puddle Ducks Digital stamp

I got to work with the enchanting “Pony Trek” stamp, perfect for creating a 3D handmade horse birthday card. I imagined having a nice ride in the woods, a moment captured in time filled with the promise of adventure and the beauty of nature. 

Today, I invite you to join me on a creative journey as we transform the “Pony Trek” digital stamp into a stunning 3D handmade birthday card. Together, we’ll explore the art of colouring and discover clever techniques for crafting dimensional landscapes.

So, grab your favourite crafting supplies, and let’s embark on this artistic escapade together. Let’s get crafting!

Materials and Tools Needed for Your Handmade Horse Birthday Card

It’s important to collect all the necessary materials and tools, to create a beautiful handmade horse birthday card. Below is a list of what you’ll need:


  • Digital stamp Pony Trek: his captivating image will be the focus of our card and set the scene for our creative journey.
  • Rectangle dies with a stitched edge: We use these dies to create the frame of our card. t is not necessary to have the same type of dies. You can of course also cut out a rectangle yourself.
  • Rectangle dies: Used along with the partial die-cutting technique to craft the frame of our card. his die is also optional. You can also cut out the inner three corners yourself.
  • Cloud die-cut: Used for making the leaves of the trees in our scene, adding depth and dimension to the design.
  • Hill die: his tool will help us create the grassy hill in our scenic landscape and enhance the overall visual appeal.
  • Tree clear stamp: Used to stamp three tree trunks, which will add authenticity and charm to our scene
  • Distress inks: Specifically, pine needles, mowed lawn, and stormy sky, were chosen to bring our scene to life with vibrant colours and subtle shading.
  • Colour medium: Alcohol markers are recommended for colouring the digital stamp, although any colouring medium can be used to suit your preference.
  • Foam tape: Essential for creating dimension in our scene, elevating certain elements to add visual interest.
  • Sentiment sticker: The text “enjoy today” adds a heartfelt touch to our card, conveying warm wishes to the recipient.


  • Paper trimmer: Ideal for cutting paper to the desired size, ensuring precision in our crafting process.
  • Scissors: Used for cutting out different elements with accuracy and ease.
  • Glue: Necessary for adhering all the elements, and maintaining the integrity of our design.
  • Die-cutting machine: essential for the elements needed for our frame and 3D scene, facilitating efficient and precise crafting.

Now that we have gathered all the materials and tools, we can start with our tutorial.

Picture of the material used for this Handmade Horse birthday card.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Crafting Your Handmade Horse Birthday Card

It’s time to create a handmade 3D horse birthday card. In this tutorial, I will guide you through designing this beautiful 3D scene. We will build the card and utilize various techniques. So, let’s embark on this crafting journey together.

Step 1Crafting the card base

We have to decide on the card size to create our card base, to make our handmade horse birthday card.

Choosing the Card Size

The card size we choose is important for the look of the card. For our handmade birthday card, we will use a standard size of 10.5 centimetres by 14.8 centimetres (approximately 4.1 inches by 5.8 inches). This size is perfect for displaying our horse design with a jockey and makes it easy to mail or gift.

Creating the Base

Next, we need to create the card base. You have two options: use a pre-made card base or make one from sturdy white paper. 

To make a custom base, take a sheet of white paper measuring 21 centimetres by 14.8 centimetres (approximately 8.3 inches by 5.8 inches). Score the paper at the halfway point, 10.5 centimetres (approximately 4.1 inches), then fold it along the scored line to create a crisp fold. Your card base is now ready for decoration.

By carefully choosing the card size and creating a sturdy base, we have established the foundation for our handmade horse birthday card. We can now move on to step two: adding vibrant colours to the digital stamp “Pony Trek” to bring it to life.

Step 2: Printing and Coloring the Digital Stamp “Pony Trek”

Now that we have laid the foundation with our card base, it is time to bring our horse card to life with the magic of colouring. In this step, we’ll print and colour the enchanting digital stamp from All Dressed Up Stamps.

Printing the Digital Stamp

First, print the digital stamp on DCP paper, which has a smooth surface allowing alcohol markers to glide effortlessly and create crisp and vibrant colors. Adjust the size as needed, based on your card design. 

Colouring the Pony Trek digital stamp

Then, start colouring the stamp using your favourite alcohol markers or any colouring medium you like, letting your creativity soar as you go

For reference, I used the following colour combinations: 

  • Skin: Pale Cream (142), Salmon Pink (25), Peachy Blush (259), Tanned Skin (260).
  • Hair: Pale Cream (142), Sand (107), Rose Beige (97), and Burnt Sienna (95)
  • Horse: Pale Cream (142), Sand (107), Rose Beige (97).
  • Mane and tail of the horse: Warm Grey 2 (WG2), Warm Grey 4 (WG4), and Warm Grey 5 (WG5).
  • Cap and trousers: Light Sky (189), Light Denim Blue (193), Dark Denim Blue (195).
  • Blouse, boots, and the horse bow: Pastel Lemon (39), Lemon Yellow (35), Yellow (34).

Once you have beautifully coloured your horse with jockey, you are one step closer to completing your masterpiece. Let’s move on to the next step.

Close-up photo of the colored digital stamp 'Pony Trek' from All Dressed Up Stamps, depicting a girl riding a brown horse. The girl is wearing yellow and blue clothes.

Step 3: Creating the elements for our 3D Scene

In this section, we will begin crafting the elements that will bring our 3D scene to life. This step will infuse our card with depth and visual intrigue.

Creating the frame

To achieve the desired 3D effect, a frame is essential. This creates the illusion that the girl and her horse are venturing into a forest. 

Frames can be fashioned in various ways. While I use dies for convenience, you can cut one out of paper. Since I lack a rectangular frame die, I employ two dies.

Diecutting the frame with the partial die-cutting technique

I use a rectangle die with a double-stitched edge for this step. While the die cuts out a rectangle rather than a frame, its outer edge features a double-stitched design. Additionally, I use a rectangle die with the partial die-cutting technique to complete the frame’s interior.

Picture of the die-cut Rectangle piece with dubbel edge border

The piece with double stitched edge

Place the die centrally within the pre-cut rectangle and secure the die in place with tape, ensuring the desired frame thickness

Picture showing how to place the rectangle die.

Run the die through the die-cutting machine, cutting only the top portion.

Rotate the die and align it with the pre-cut edges to cut the bottom portion, ensuring uniformity.

Voilà! You now have a beautifully crafted rectangle frame for your card.

Creating the background panel

To complement the frame, a background panel is necessary. I use the same rectangle die to cut the background panel, ensuring a perfect fit. 

Afterwards, I enhance the panel with distressed ink. To create a captivating sky gradient, we use shades of a stormy sky and chipped sapphire.  

 I spritz water onto the background, allowing the distressed ink to react and produce lighter stains.

Creating the different elements of the card

Our scene depicts a girl and her horse journeying into the woods. Let’s bring this vision to life.

Creating the trees

Utilizing a clear stamp set, I stamp three tree trunks onto paper and colour them using alcohol markers in burnt sienna, natural oak, and bronze. Once coloured, I cut them out.

I repurpose a cloud die, punching out seven tree crowns from white paper. After applying distress ink in shades of mowed lawn and pine needles, I add water splashes for a captivating finish.

Creating the Grass Hill. 

A grass hill adds depth to our scene. I cut one from white paper using a hill die and applied distress ink in the same hues as the tree crowns.  

With all the elements prepared, it’s time to assemble our scene.

Close-up photo of the upper portion of the handmade horse birthday card, showcasing a scenic forest scene with trees and foliage. A sticker with the text 'Enjoy today' is prominently displayed at the top.

Step 4: Assembling the card

Now that our elements are complete, we can begin assembling the card.

Commence by positioning the frame onto the background panel, and elevating it with foam tape for added dimension. Next, place the tree trunks and hill, ensuring the trunks appear behind the hill. Secure them in place with glue and foam tape, respectively.  

Now we can place the crowns of the trees. Use four crowns for the top of the frame. Place two horizontally on the top part of the frame. Place 1 vertically downwards on both sides. Additionally, affix tree leaves beneath the frame’s top to enhance the 3D effect.  

Position the horse with the jockey within the scene, aligning the horse’s legs with the lower frame edge. Secure the legs with glue and raise the remainder with foam tape.  

Utilize the remaining tree crowns to create clusters around the horse, trimming any excess to fit. Adhere them to the frame and hill, imparting the illusion of foliage.

Step 5: Adding a sentiment to the card

To complete our masterpiece, add a sentiment. I opt for a sticker with the text “Enjoy today” from the metallic sticker book by Tim Holtz Idea-ology. Raised with foam tape, I position it above the head of the central tree, adding a heartfelt touch to our creation.  

With this final step, our handmade horse birthday card is complete, ready to enchant and delight its recipient.

Top-down view of a handmade horse birthday card placed at an angle, showcasing a girl on a horse amidst a backdrop of vibrant green bushes and trees.

Inspiration Hub: Let’s Get Creative Together

As we come to the end of this tutorial, let’s take a moment to reflect on our journey and celebrate our achievements. Together, we went on a heartfelt adventure to create a handmade horse birthday card using the Pony Trek digital stamp from All Dressed Up Stamps. Along the way, we explored various techniques, including colouring the digital stamp and mastering the art of partial die-cutting to create our enchanting scene.

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Products used

Affiliate Disclosure:
Please note that some of the links on this blog are affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I use and believe will add value to my readers.

Products used with affiliate links

Pony Trek Digital stamp from All Dressed Up Stamps

Nuts about you clear stamp set from Polkadoodles

Clear Stamp set Nuts About You from Polkadoodles

Memento tuxedo black ink

Picture of the product memento tuxedo black ink

Spring Gnomes Digital Paper set

Birthday sentiments and Greetings

Distress ink Chipped Sapphire

Die-cutting machine Pressboss Pro Nellie Snellen

Picture of the die-cutting machin PressBoss Pro from Nellie Snellen

Artemio Paper trimmer

A picture of the paper cutter from Artemio

Products without affiliate links

  • Regtancle dies from Card and Deco
  • Cloud die from Kokorosa Studio
  • Hill die from Aveccreative
  • Tim Holtz Metallic Sticker Book (Not avaluable anymore).
  • Alcohol markers from Decotimecrafts
  • Foam tape (brand unknown)
  • Scissors (brand unknown)
  • Glue from ActionNL

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