Renske Wishes You

-an delightful journey into the world of card making, handmade cards and creative discovery-

A picture of me the face behind handmade cards by Renske Wishes You

Allow me to introduce

Welcome to Renske Wishes You, a vibrant online destination where I share my delightful journey in the world of card making and creative discovery. I’m Renske, the creative mind steering this blog, and I’m glad to meet you.

Having personal experience with chronic illness, I am very familiar with the difficulties it brings. This led me to create handmade cards as a therapeutic outlet and a way to discover moments of happiness amid the unpredictable nature of this disease. What started as a humble pastime has grown into a passion that I would like to share with people like you.

Let’s embark on this adventure together and discover the creative process. I hope to inspire you with my handmade cards and the techniques I use. Experience the positive effect of creativity.

Stay inspired!


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