Snowman Slider Card featuring a charming winter scene. The card showcases a delightful snowman positioned at the beginning of the sliding groove, ready for a winter adventure. Handcrafted with Polkadoodles products.

Crafting Magic: A Step-by-Step Snowman Slider Card Tutorial

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a world full of winter wonder and creativity! Today, we will embark on a wonderful crafting adventure of creating a unique card that captures the charm of the winter season. Our snowman slider card will feature the digital stamp “Ski Time” from Polkadoodles.

The card I made showcases a winter scene with a skiing snowman. I would like to take you on this crafting adventure and share with you the steps behind creating this snowman slide card.

But that’s not all! As we progress through the tutorial, you’ll discover tips on selecting the perfect digital stamp, creating an enchanting background, and mastering the art of the sliding card mechanism.

Are you ready for some winter fun? Let’s dive in and learn how to create a Snowman Slider Card that not only warms the heart but also captures the imagination. “Let’s embark on this winter adventure together!

Crafting a Snowman Slider Card: Design and Preparation

I enjoy making interactive cards. I love it when a certain part can move. This gives the card a little bit extra. For this card, I used the digital stamp “Ski Time”. If you see this stamp, it must simply move on a card, right? Let’s go through the design and preparation phase together and ensure that every choice we make contributes to the enchantment of our final creation.

Choosing the Digital Stamp 

I chose the skiing snowman because it is a perfect stamp to put on a slider. In addition, it is an easy stamp to make on a nice scene on a card. 

This whimsical stamp features an adorable snowman gracefully skiing down a snowy hill – the ideal centrepiece for our winter-themed slider card. Choosing the right digital stamp not only sparks inspiration but also establishes the narrative for our entire creation.

Choosing the Colour Palette  for our Snowman slider card

Now that we have our charming digital stamp selected, let’s explore the art of choosing the right colour palette to bring our snowman and winter scene to life. I still have a background that I made for another card. I had not used this yet. The colour purple predominates on this background. So it seemed very logical to me to include the colour purple in the coloring of the digital stamp. I opted for a palette that captures the essence of a serene winter day – cool greys for the snowman, vibrant violets for accessories, and warm hues for the nose to add a playful touch. 

In the next section, we’ll dive into the detailed tutorial, exploring the materials and measurements needed to bring our winter wonderland to life.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Crafting a Snowman Slider Card

Join me on a creative journey to create a fun snowman slider card. In this detailed tutorial, I will guide you through every step of the process. With the charming Ski Time digital stamp and the selected colour palette in hand, we are ready to transform these elements into a winter wonder that moves and delights.

Step 1: Materials and Measurements Used

Before we begin our crafting adventure, let’s gather all the materials we need. Below is a list of essential supplies and measurements required for this playful project.


  • Ski Time Digital Stamp from Polkadoodles: The star of our snowy scene.
  • Theo Penguin digital sentiment set:: I used this set for the text “Winter season”. But of course, you can use any text you want.
  •  Gnome Greeting digital set:  I used this set for the text “Ho Happy Day”. But of course, you can use any text you want.
  • Clear stamp set Nut’s about you: I used the tree trunk stamp from this set. But of course, you can use any stamp, punch, or sticker for a tree that you want.
  • White Cardstock: To make the base of the card. But also to make the frame for this card and to punch out the ice flowers and stars.
  • Acrylic Paint Spray (in various winter hues): Adding a touch of magic to our background.
  • Snowflake dies: to die-cut the snowflakes. Perfect for adding intricate snowflakes that will embellish our winter scene.
  • Rectangle die: Essential for creating the frame that will encase our snowy masterpiece.”
  • Grey ink:  Used to stamp charming trees that will enhance our serene winter landscape.
  • Colour medium: I opted for alcohol markers to achieve vibrant and smooth colouring, but feel free to use any colour medium of your choice
  • Die-cutting Machine: to die-cut the rectangle piece and the snowflakes. 
  • Foam Tape: Elevating elements for a visually appealing 3D effect.
  • Aqua Shimmer Pen: Adding that extra sparkle for a magical finish.


To construct the foundation for our enchanting slider card, precise measurements are key. Let’s ensure each element fits seamlessly into our winter wonderland:

  • Card Base: 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm – the canvas for our snowy adventure.
  • Background: Trimmed to 10.5 cm x 12 cm – capturing the essence of a serene winter day.

These measurements serve as our guide to transform the materials into a harmonious Snowman Slider Card. Now, let’s move on to the next step of our crafting journey.

Step 2: Creating the Card Base

To create a sturdy card, it is important to start with a solid base. I used for this card base the size of 14,8 centimeters bij 10,5 centimeters. You can either purchase a pre-made card base from a store or make one yourself. I chose to make my own card base.

  • Start by taking a sturdy piece of white cardboard, the chosen canvas for our winter scene. You need a size of 22 centimetres by 14.8 centimetres.
  • Score the card stock at the 10.5 centimetres mark. 
  • Gently fold the cardstock along the scored line, creating a neat and precise fold at 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm – the ideal dimensions for our Snowman Slider Card.

By following these simple steps, we’ve laid the foundation for our winter-themed creation. Join me as we move to the next step where we will bring our background to life!

Step 3: Creating the Background

In this step, we will start creating the background, which will bring the entire scene to life. As mentioned earlier, I already had this background. But I still want to tell you how I made this background from start to finish. h.

Spraying with Acrylic Paint

  • Prepare your workspace: Protect your workspace before you spray. You can use a cardboard box for this. Place your paper in the box so that the spray stays contained.
  • Place your paper in the box: Ensure that your paper is lying down so that you can easily reach every piece of paper.
  • To apply the acrylic spray paint in layers: Start with the lightest color and lightly spray it over the top portion of the paper to create the sky. For this card, I used the colours pink, purple, and blue. But for this background, I let the purple dominate. Gradually add the colours, from light to dark. If you want the colours to blend, spray the layers together while wet. If you don’t want this, let each layer partially dry before adding the next.

Because I have made this background before, but am now using it for this card. I have to cut it to size. I made this in a square shape, but our card is a rectangle. I cut it to 10 centimetres. Our card base is 10.5 centimeters and I like it when there is a white border around the background. The length of the background is 12 centimetres. So I’m not taking anything away from this. This is too short for our card, but that’s okay since there is a snow hill in front of it.

Bringing Splatters to the Background 

Once the base is dry, bring our snowy scene to life by adding delicate splatters using metallic paint. This step creates the illusion of falling snow, adding a touch of whimsy to our winter wonderland. Bring some paint and water together and apply it to the brush. Tap the brush so that splashes fly around and land on your card. It is best to also do this in the box.

Picture of the finished background made with acrilyc paint spray and metallic paint splatters.

Die-cutting Ice Flowers and Stars, Adding Shimmer, and Placing It in the Background 

  • Utilize snowflake dies to cut intricate ice flowers and stars from white cardstock. These delicate elements will add a magical touch to our snowy landscape.
  • Enhance the snowflakes and stars by applying shimmer using an Aqua Shimmer Pen or any tool where you can apply glitter. This extra sparkle will catch the light, creating a dazzling effect.
  • Carefully place the die-cut snowflakes and stars onto the background, arranging them to complement the sprayed colours. This step adds depth and visual interest to our winter scene.
Picture of the finished background with the snowflakes.

Stamping and Colouring the Trees, Adhering This to the Background

  • Stamp charming tree trunks from the Clear Stamp Set Nuts about you using grey ink. 
  • Add vibrant colours to the trees using your chosen colour medium, enhancing the winter landscape with pops of colour. I used the colours Cool Grey 5, Cool Grey 4 and Cool Grey 1 for this. 
  • Adhere the stamped and coloured trees to the background, ensuring a balanced and visually appealing arrangement.

With these steps, we’ve transformed a simple card base into a winter wonderland, setting the stage for the star of our show – the skiing snowman. Join me in the next step as we bring our digital stamp to life through printing and colouring!

A close up picture from the background made with acrilyc paint spray. It's a purple/blue sky with meattlaic paint splatters and die-cut ice flowers and stars.

Step 4: Printing and Coloring the Digital Stamp Ski Time

In this step, we bring our beautiful ski snowman to life by printing and colouring the digital Ski Time stamp.

Printing the Digital Stamp on DCP Paper 

  • Load your chosen DCP paper into your printer, ensuring a smooth and quality print for our Ski Time digital stamp.
  • Select the desired size for the stamp, keeping in mind the dimensions that will harmonize with our snowy background.
  • Print the skiing snowman onto the DCP paper, creating a crisp and detailed image ready for colouring.
Close up picture of the printed digital stamp Ski Time.

Colouring the Digital Stamp Ski Time with Alcohol Markers

Now, let’s infuse our skiing snowman with vibrant winter colours. I opted for alcohol markers to achieve a smooth and blended look.

Colour Combinations:

  • Snowman: Cool Grey 5, Cool Grey 4, Cool Grey 1
  • Muts, Sjaal, Handschoenen, and Skies: Violet Dark, Violet, Deep Violet
  • Neus: Yellow and Orange

Feel free to experiment with different shades within these colour families to add your personal touch to the Ski Time digital stamp.

A close up picture from the coloured digital stamp Ski Time from Polkadoodles. A snowman on sky with a purple hat, scarf, and skies.

As we add these rich colours to our snowman, envision the charming winter scene taking shape. The skiing snowman will soon take centre stage on our Snowman Slider Card. Join me in the next step as we create the frame that will encase our winter card!

Step 5: Creating the Frame

In this step, we will construct a frame that will serve as the foundation for our enchanting snowman slider card. The frame will not only showcase our delightful winter scene but also provide the perfect groove for our sliding snowman. Let’s dive into the details! 

Die-cutting the Rectangle

  • Begin by selecting the appropriate rectangle die. This die will be used to create the main frame for our winter wonderland.
  • Position the die on white cardstock and run it through your die-cutting machine to produce a neat rectangle. This rectangle will serve as the primary frame for our charming scene.

It’s important to note that this is not a frame die, so it will produce a stitched rectangle. In the next step, we will create the frame ourselves.

Creating the Snowhill and the Frame

  • Now, let’s add a playful touch to our frame by incorporating a snowhill. Draw the hill on the punched-out rectangle with a pencil. 
  • Measure half a centimetre on each side of the rectangle’s edges with a ruler.
  • With a crafting knife, cut the part above the mound and along the edges of the frame. This hill will not only enhance the visual appeal but also serve as the starting point for our sliding snowman.

Creating an Extra Snowhill for Behind the Slider 

We are now going to make an extra snow mound to place behind our sliding slot. When you look through it, you should see a white background instead of the snow background we created.

Cut a piece of paper to fit snugly behind the snow mound on our frame.

Our frame is taking shape and providing the perfect backdrop for our skiing snowman. Join me in the next step as we create the slider mechanism, adding a dynamic element to our Snowman Slider Card!

Step 6: Creating the Slider Mechanism

To add movement to our card, we will create a sliding mechanism that will send the snowman skiing down the mountain. Follow these steps to create the slider function:

Creating the Sliding Groove

  • Begin by determining the ideal placement for the sliding groove on the back of our frame. Decide where the snowman should start skiing, just past the top of the hill, and where the snowman should stop. Please note that the snowman will remain within the frame of the card.
  • Make the slit half a centimetre wide
  • Cut out the slot with a craft knife. 

Preparing the Mechanism

With the sliding groove in place, let’s prepare the mechanism that will bring our skiing snowman to life. 

  • Start by die-cutting two small circles from white paper.
  • Place a small foam square in the centre of one circle and adhere to the second circle on top, sandwiching the foam square in between. This creates the sliding mechanism.

Attaching the Digital Stamp Ski Time to the Mechanism

Stick the skiing snowman on the top circle, positioning it so that you can no longer see the circle.

Placing Foam Tape on the Back of the Frame

Elevate the frame by adding strips of foam tape to the back. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also creates the necessary space for the sliding mechanism.

Picture of the back of our frame panel. It is showing how to add the foam tape.

Adhering the Extra Snowhill Behind the Slider 

Position the additional snowhill behind the sliding mechanism, creating a layered effect that adds depth to our winter landscape.

Picture showing that I am addinig the extra snowhill on the back of the frame.

Testing the Slider

Before final assembly, conduct a quick test of the slider mechanism. Place the circle between the slot and ensure the skiing snowman moves effortlessly along the sliding groove, bringing our winter scene to life.

Picture of how to place the snowman on the slider machinsm.

Adding This to the Background and card base

Once satisfied with the slider’s functionality, carefully adhere the entire mechanism – frame, sliding snowman, and extra snowhill – to the background. Ensure precise placement for a captivating and interactive Snowman Slider Card. Once you have done that it can be glued to the card base.

As our slider mechanism takes shape, we’re one step closer to a winter wonder that moves! Join me in the next step as we add sentiments and infuse our creation with heartfelt messages.

Snowman Slider Card - Unique Winter Greeting with a charming snowman on skis. Handmade using Polkadoodles products for a festive touch and joyful slider movement

Step 7: Adding the Sentiments

We are almost done with our card. It’s time to create and place the text on our card.

Adding the Sentiment “Winter Season

  • To add a touch of winter magic, we will incorporate the sentiment “Winter Season” onto our snowy background. This sentiment is selected from the Theo Penguin digital sentiment set.
  • Using a suitable die-cutting machine, carefully cut the sentiment with a wavy edge to create a charming, decorative element.
  • Place the sentiment on the left side of the frame, allowing it to elegantly flow into the snowy landscape. Adhere it securely for a polished finish.

Adding the Sentiment “Oh Happy Day

  • To amplify the joyous vibes of our winter scene, we will introduce the sentiment “Oh Happy Day.” This delightful expression is chosen from the Gnome Greeting digital set.
  • Cut this text out with scissors.
  • Place the “Oh Happy Day” sentiment at the bottom of the snow hill, seamlessly integrating it into the winter wonderland we’ve crafted.

With sentiments in place, our Snowman Slider Card is not only fun to look at but also conveys the joy and warmth of the winter season. Now, our card is ready to be sent to its recipient.

Snowman Slider Card featuring a charming winter scene. The card showcases a delightful snowman positioned at the beginning of the sliding groove, ready for a winter adventure. Handcrafted with Polkadoodles products.
Snowman Slider Card - Winter Scene with Snowman midway through the sliding groove, crafted using Polkadoodles products. A whimsical and festive handmade creation.
Snowman Slider Card - Winter Scene with Snowman midway through the sliding groove, crafted using Polkadoodles products. A whimsical and festive handmade creation.

Inspire, Create, Share, and More!

Thank you for joining me in creating this whimsical Winter Scene Slimline Slider card. I hope you enjoyed the process and found inspiration in the magic of Polkadoodles products. Crafting is not just a hobby, it’s a vibrant community, and I’m here to support you in your creative endeavors. If you have any questions or need clarification, or if you just want to share your thoughts, feel free to reach out to me.

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Have fun discovering even more inspiration.

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